Some of Our Treatments

How We Can Help You

The road to recovery can be long and incredibly difficult. At Carter’s Crossing, we provide residents with a network of support that will help them get stronger and prepare for their return to a normal life. 

During the 12 month treatment you will 

  • Be involved with the 12 step program Narcotics Anonymous and attend meetings each week. 

  • Learn and gain the knowledge to sustain your recovery through sponsorship and the 12 steps. 

  • Gain employment and become a responsible productive member of society.

  • Have the opportunity to learn basic life skills such as: balancing a check book, building a resume, budgeting money, and preparing for an interview. 

  • Become involved in the community. 

  • Learn team building

  • Participate in group and One on One counseling sessions

Carter’s Crossing has a Master level Social Worker on staff and a Certified Recovery Support Specialist on staff. 

Our experienced team knows that every healing process is different, and use a variety of services to support each individual.